ScavHuntFri – Challenge 2

October 3, 2014

Today is amazing actor Clive Owen’s birthday. Today marks the day Edgar Allen Poe was found in a gutter for the last time – he died four days later. Today is German Unity Day – which is almost like Unification Day, except Unification Day is in the Firefly ‘verse and German Unity Day is the celebration of the day Germany became one piece on maps again, which probably made a bunch of bored cartographers really happy because now they had a job again. For a little while.

Your ScavHuntFri Challenge is this:

Using only items found within the building, make a movie poster image that uses elements from…um…anything in the paragraph above.


  • Two live humans
  • One pair of glasses
  • “Raven” in some form
  • The colors of the German flag
  • A brown coat
  • Red shoes

You can always incorporate more – don’t let the Requirement List hold you back.


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