ScavHuntFri – Challenge 3

October 10, 2014

Today, in 1846, William Lassell discovered the largest moon of Neptune – we call it Triton. Neptune was the god of the sea. Triton was the king merman and father of Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I can still sing all the songs from that cartoon…I once dressed as Ursula (the villainess) for Halloween. I’m easily distracted, apparently…what was I talking about? Oh yeah: today also marks the day the Chicago Fire of 1871 finally burned out. And it’s Ed Wood’s birthday.

Your ScavHuntFri Challenge is this:

Using only items found within the building, make a diorama – lifesize or otherwise – that uses elements from the paragraph above.


  • Water
  • The number 9
  • “Fire” in some still (and non-problem causing) form
  • A pink sweater
  • A mermaid
  • An onion

You can always incorporate more – don’t let the Requirement List hold you back.


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