ScavHuntFri – Challenge 4

October 17, 2014

Today, in 1888, Thomas Edison filed his patent for the first movie machine – the Optical Phonograph. I bet it was not as quotable as Ghostbusters, though.  Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, also on this day, which was the 67th birthday of Pope John Paul I (hint – that would make him 102 today, if he was still alive…which…he is not). Also born today? Rita Hayworth. Thanks to her, Andy Dufresne managed to escape Shawshank Prison. You go, Rita.

Your ScavHuntFri Challenge is this:

Using only items found within the building, make an escape plan – JUST THE PLAN, PEOPLE – that uses elements from the paragraph above.


  • A lightbulb
  • A poster
  • 2 chess pieces
  • A prize
  • A flipbook
  • The number 102

You can always incorporate more – don’t let the Requirement List hold you back.


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