ScavHuntFri – Challenge 8

November 14, 2014

We’re up to ScavHuntFri Challenge Number 8! W00t!!

On this day in history, specifically in 1889, Nellie Bly began her Around The World In 80 Days trip. She finished 72 days later. She’s like me – an overachiever. Wait, didn’t Jules Verne write a story about traveling around the world in 80 days? Was that based on Nellie Bly? Oh. No. Other way around. Whatever – they’re related. Wow, there’s a lot of death and violence associated with November 14…let’s just skip that, okay? OH! And it’s Claude Monet’s birthday today. Without Monet, how would we know how pretty water lilies can be?

Your ScavHuntFri Challenge is this:

Using only items found within the building, make a book jacket combining all of the elements listed in the paragraph above.


  • One shoe
  • A balloon
  • The number 80
  • A Monet painting (a print is most likely, since the originals are in museums, but I’m not stopping you if you work in an art museum that houses Monet paintings. I just won’t accept any blame or liability issues. So, don’t take them off the walls, okay?)
  • The words “Sweet Nell”
  • The color blue

You can always incorporate more – don’t let the Requirement List hold you back.


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