ScavHuntFri – Challenge 9

November 21, 2014

Nearly done, ScavHuntFri Challengers. Nearly done.

On this very day in 1877, Thomas Edison – wait, him again? Didn’t we already commemorate some fancy contraption he patented already? Like, on October 17? Skip him and his fancy phonograph. We’ve evolved. To places where he could only dream…we’re beyond scratchy, thin, monophonic sounds coming from over-sized morning glory flowers stuck to fancy boxes we have to hand-crank. We have earbuds that we can plug into tiny little squares or slightly larger rectangles and blast out our eardrums on crowded elevators so that soon – everyone in the elevator has Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing stuck in their heads all day long. Thanks for that, Short Woman Who Got Off Three Stops Before Me. Thanks. Oh! Albert Einstein published E = mc2 in his wildly popular 1905 paper, “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?” which had that surprise twist ending no one saw coming. Spoiler Alert: Ich habe nie die Zeitung lesen, weil es auf Deutsch war, so kann ich nicht wirklich einen Spoiler. Also? René Magritte, my favorite surrealist artist of all time, was born on this day in 1898, and just 46 years later in 1944, Harold Ramis was born. He did Ghostbusters, guys. GHOSTBUSTERS. *sniff* we miss you, Harold. We really do. *sniff*

Your ScavHuntFri Challenge is this:

Using only items found within the building, make a silent music video – yes, a silent one.


  • E = mc2
  • A ghost
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • A pipe that is not a pipe (seriously, you don’t get the reference? Ceci n’est pas une pipe, ma petit.)
  • An elevator

You can always incorporate more – don’t let the Requirement List hold you back.


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