Ruby: Good morning, this is Ruby.

Ginger: Why did you answer your cell phone like that?

Ruby: Because I’m working from home today, Ginger. Why are you calling me?

Ginger: Do you not want me to call you?

Ruby: Usually, you’ve emailed me three or four times by now. I don’t see any emails…

Ginger: I’m working from home, too.

Ruby: …okay…

Ginger: It’s really boring.

Ruby: Yes, Ginger. It is very quiet when you work at home.

Ginger: No, I mean, like, really boring. I finished all my work already. Now I’m looking for things to do that normally, I leave to other people.

Ruby: Well, Ginger, when you’re working from home, you’re free from all the distractions at the office.

Ginger: And I leave myself open to all the distractions I keep at home. I currently have a movie playing on Netflix, a TV show playing on Hulu, my internet radio playing and I’m still not distracted enough to be able to focus on work.

Ruby: …is that why you’re calling me?

Ginger: Yes. Well, that and my sister wants to know what I’m bringing to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.

Ruby: Did you offer to bring potato chips?

Ginger: I don’t think you understood the question.

Ruby: It seemed pretty straightforward…

Ginger: Let’s try this again and this time, I’ll remove the confusing words for you.

Ruby: Yeah, okay. Because, clearly, I’m the one who is confused.

Ginger: What are you baking and bringing to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow that I can claim I helped you bake?

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: You’ve been coming to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner for years now. And you always bake something tasty.

Ruby: That’s a very nice compliment.

Ginger: So, my sister asked what I’m bringing to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I will say “Ruby, Fly and the delicious………..” That’s a fill-in-the-blank, Rubes. You get to fill it in.

Ruby: Someday, you might actually have to bring something on your own.

Ginger: Nonsense. That is total crazy talk and I’ll blame it on the fact you’re also working from home today. Now, seriously, fill in that blank so my sister can get a text back today.

Ruby: I’m currently baking a zucchini bread, a banana bread and a cinnamon-apple twist bread thing.

Ginger: Awesome. Thanks, Ruby!

Ruby: Yeah.

Ginger: Have a great day at work today. I have to get back to work now.

Ruby: I look forward to the ensuing emails.

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